Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2013 predictions

Here are my predictions for 2013:
  1. The number of economists who will be crowing about how accurate their predictions for 2013 were in twelve months time will be, or be close to, zero
  2. Commentary in the mainstream media will continue to be dominated by people who can be relied upon to have a simplistic and polarising view on absolutely everything rather than having any valuable insight on anything
  3. On 31/12/13, the facts upon which public debate are based upon will still be supplied by journalists working under the constraints that have made journalism almost entirely dysfunctional
  4. It will not get any harder for a well-heeled pressure group to dominate the news agenda at the expense of the public interest
  5. Politicians will be no less convinced that their decisions must be dictated to them by economists, the commentariat, churnalists and wealthy pressure groups
  6. The number of people who profess themselves to have been 'turned off politics' will not have decreased by the end of 2013
Happy new year!

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